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Hi, I’m Andy

I’m passionate about people being part of a loving & connected family.

I help to build the ‘life skills’ that kids need to thrive, through fun programs that give parents the tools they need to connect with their kids.


So, how do you feel about your relationship with your kids?

Drifting apart?

Do you feel as though you’re drifting apart from your kids?

Too busy?

Do you feel like you’re letting your kids down because you’re always busy?


Are you worried that your kids may not turn to you if they experience depression or anxiety?

I can help you to Connect with your Kids

I run fun, relaxed workshops that give you practical tools to build your relationship with your kids and their life skills

Andy's Connecting with your Kids workshops are brilliantly informative. They are presented in such a relaxing and comfortable way that it creates an environment where parents can discuss topics, ask questions and add input and ideas freely. They are fun, helpful and always a brilliant reminder of what’s important in life.

Anna, mother of Taylor 6, Patrick 5 & Hugh 3

Andy McNeilly's workshops are full of heart and soul and great strategies. Andy will help you to think differently about how to parent.

Andrew Fuller, Clinical Psychologist


As a father of 3, balancing work and family has its challenges. Andy delivers engaging and practical workshops that provide realistic tips on how better to engage with your children on multiple levels. 

Andy facilitates the workshops in a manner that encourages parents to engage and share their experiences.  I have certainly found the workshops of great benefit in enhancing my relationship with my children.

Ed, father of Nicholas 11, Harrison 9 & Grace 5

Andy Mac, renowned for being an inspiring and exceptional teacher, is now sharing his experience and strategies to help us truly connect with our kids.

His holistic approach to family life and values offers invaluable parenting advice in a wholesome, engaging and relatable way.

Sarah , mother of Hannah 26, Josie 22, Lana 11 & Lucy 9

“I’ve been fortunate to attend a number of Andy’s workshops, including Connecting with your Kids and Problem Solving. The topics covered are always highly relevant to the issues all parents face, and therefore promote real-life, healthy and robust discussion amongst attendees.

Andy creates an inclusive and harmonious environment. All attendees are encouraged to speak freely and candidly, without the fear of persecution or negativity. The sessions are often fun, irreverent and I always come away with some practical ideas that I can implement at home, or ‘thought-starters’ for my own introspection.

Andy should be congratulated for his ongoing work. I believe anyone who values any relationship - that of parent, child, sibling, friend or colleague - would find enormous benefit in these sessions.”

Nathan, partner of Katie, father of Inde 9 & Marli 4

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