I’m passionate about people being a part of a loving and connected family

There is nothing more satisfying for me than to work with people. I love connecting with people of all ages, from different backgrounds, countries & cultures, and from all walks of life.

This has been a strong theme throughout my life. I have been teaching primary school aged children for over a decade. I’ve also worked in adult education.

But as a parent, I know how easy it is to get buried in the 'admin of life'

We’re all guilty of ‘in a minute’ syndrome: putting off being with our kids until we’ve sent that email, made that phone call or completed that task. But what could be more important than engaging with these amazing people in our lives, especially when they want to? I’ve struggled with this balance, but know how important this connection is in order to achieve two essential things:

  1. Build a strong relationship with my kids so they know I really am always there for them when they need me, and
  2. To help kids to develop the ‘life skills’ they need to succeed.

So I want to give parents and kids the tools to connect & succeed

To do this, I’ve written a book, which I'll tell you more about soon, and developed a series of free Connecting with your Kids workshops. Have a quick read and, if you think it would be useful, come along to one. They're free!


Freebie to get you started

Download my screen-free family time planner and stick it on your fridge!

I can help you to Connect with your Kids

I run fun, relaxed workshops that give you practical tools to build your relationship with your kids and their life skills