Here is what Steve Biddulph said about the book…


It's BEAUTIFUL - so appealing in look and feel. 

Content wise, it really does break down the skills of life in a way that families can make great use of. 

Very impressed.


Steve Biddulph

Practical advice, imaginative suggestions and great wisdom - this is a book that understands the way families live, or would like to live, in today's era. And tomorrow's too.

Lawrie Malcolm: father of twin boys.

Andy's writing is accessible to all and he meets you where you are. His ideas are not complex - they are very simple which is rather disproportionate to the extraordinary effect that they can have on everyday family life. He doesn't have a secret formula but gives practical suggestions of ways to engage families in doing things together.

Sue Maslin: mother of Rosie, Josh and Pippa.

It is refreshing to read a simple, encouraging and straight to the point approach of current day methods to strengthen the bonds in our family. Andy is an infectious leader whose guidance inspires us to live in the moment through his tried and tested practical ideas.

Jay Derrick: mother of Mika and Layla.

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