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‘Connecting with Your Teens’ by Andy McNeilly, is a simple, practical and remarkable guide for parents and teachers who want to bond with their teenagers while also helping them develop important life skills. This is the follow up book to the well-known 'Connecting with Your Kids’.

This fun and effective book contains chapters that can be followed chronologically, exploring life skills that are vital for your teen’s future success. There are personal narratives which can give insights and provide valuable perspectives on the journey of parenting and teaching teenagers, empowering both parents and teenagers to navigate the challenging adolescent years together.

Not often do you find a parenting book that is easy to read and relatable, especially when life is so full and hectic. The chapter themes and ideas to create discussion are realistic and practical. Andy shares his stories and others to illustrate some really typical, sensible, potential and teachable moments to help inform and guide parents and grandparents today with reflections from the past and present. Gail McHardy, CEO, Parents Victoria Inc.

Connecting with your Teens  is currently available online directly from the publisher at Amba Press or from the following suppliers:

Sometimes it's hard to see the wood for the trees when parenting, particularly in this current environment so unfamiliar to our generation. Andy's 'pearls of parenting wisdom' can really help you with simple strategies to approach the hardest, yet most rewarding job we have - parenting.

Katie: mother of three teenagers.

You won't find a humbler guy with a genuine passion for the resilience and wellness of our children and their families. An educator of unique storytelling ability, Andy shares experiences that will resonate with many and remind us we are not alone, and help is at hand.

Andrew: father of three teenagers.

Andy's book offers parents ways to effectively engage their teenagers with unique concepts and easy activities. It was refreshing not to read another book that only focused on how teens think. Excellent activities for the entire family, it's exactly what most parents need in their parenting toolbox!

Renee: mother of two teenagers.

What a great format for a book, great concepts and great ideas to help engage with our teens! Uncomplicated ideas and thoroughly usable techniques to get the conversations happening, well done Andy!

Hugh: father and stepfather of five teenagers.


Connecting with Your Kids contains simple, practical, down-to-earth ways for parents and teachers to connect with their children. It contains chapters that can be followed chronologically throughout the year, or by selecting a ‘life skill’ that may be needed to be learnt. Each chapter defines each skill, states some benefits of gaining proficiency in the skill, and offers ideas to help teach the skill. It also has simple stories relating to each life skill. Learning many of these skills will help children to navigate the challenges of life as they mature so they are less likely to develop problems with stress, anxiety, or depression.

"It's BEAUTIFUL - so appealing in look and feel.  Content-wise, it really does break down the skills of life in a way that families can make great use of. Very impressed." Steve Biddulph AM 

Practical advice, imaginative suggestions and great wisdom - this is a book that understands the way families live, or would like to live, in today's era. And tomorrow's too.

Lawrie: father of twin boys.

Andy's writing is accessible to all and he meets you where you are. His ideas are not complex - they are very simple which is rather disproportionate to the extraordinary effect that they can have on everyday family life. He doesn't have a secret formula but gives practical suggestions of ways to engage families in doing things together.

Sue: mother of Rosie, Josh and Pippa.

It is refreshing to read a simple, encouraging and straight to the point approach of current day methods to strengthen the bonds in our family. Andy is an infectious leader whose guidance inspires us to live in the moment through his tried and tested practical ideas.

Jay: mother of Mika and Layla.

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Quality Relationships Matter

Andy is currently writing another book with John Hendry OAM filled with simple and practical ways to implement Relationship based Education in the classroom setting. RbE is backed by Parents Victoria (click here to find out more).