Webinar with Dale Sidebottom, Founder of Energetic Education

Dale has been referred to as the energiser bunny of the teaching world. He is also the owner of Fitness Games Zone and Bottoms Up Fitness, where he has changed the way fitness is conducted in school settings around the world. Breakappz is also another of Dales's businesses where he has created over 35 mobile applications for teachers. Dale’s latest project is Learning with Games. This platform provides game mechanics in the classroom to get buy-in and excitement from students and can be applied to any subject being taught.

Building and nurturing relationships is pivotal. Whether it's at home with our kids, in schools facilitating optimal learning, or at workplaces driving engagement – the depth of our relationships often dictates the quality of our experiences. But how do we build these connections, especially when challenges arise?

Join Andy as he delves into the intricacies of:
- Crafting stronger bonds with children for improved academic, social, and emotional outcomes.
- The transformative power of connected relationships in education settings.
- Strategies for organisations to cultivate a culture of connection and collaboration.
- Insights from his best-selling book "Connecting with your Kids" and a sneak peek into his latest endeavour, "Connecting with your Teens."

Please feel free to watch the webinar here.

Webinar with Paul J. Leslie, USA

Paul J. Leslie is an author, educator, and psychotherapist in Aiken, South Carolina. He specializes in creative, resource-directed approaches to working with individuals and families. Paul is presently the coordinator of the Behavioral Sciences program at Aiken Technical College. He recently interviewed me and we discussed family connection during the current age of screens and technology.

"In this interview, I talk with author, teacher, and trainer, Andy McNeilly, about the importance of choosing to directly connect with our children in an age of technology overload. Andy discusses how to begin easily implementing strategies to create family interactions that help foster emotional connection and fun. He also discusses the impact technology has had on the family and the need for parents to model positive connections for their children." Paul J. Leslie.

Please feel free to watch our chat here.

Webinars with Drummond Street Services

"Drummond Street Services provides programs that promote the emotional and mental health and wellbeing of families, young people and children, and support stronger relationships both in families and the wider communities in which we serve."

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Navigating the Return to School during COVID-19