Podcast with Dale Sidebottom, Founder of Energetic Education: Parenting, Schools and Building Independent, Resilient Teens

Dale Sidebottom is a full-time play consultant, and the founder of Energetic Education and JUGAR LIFE. He uses his 20+ years of experience in the education and fitness sectors to educate schools, clubs, families, and corporations on the relationship between daily play and enhanced mental health and wellbeing. Dale is the author of ‘All Work No Play, the host of the top rating ‘Energetic Radio’ podcast, and a popular TEDx speaker.

Welcome back to another episode of Energetic Radio! In today’s episode, we have the pleasure of hosting the incredible Andy McNeilly. Join our host, Dale Sidebottom, as he delves into the fascinating world of personal growth, parenting, and the power of storytelling.

Andy kicks off the episode by shedding light on the importance of allowing individuals to navigate their challenges and tough times. While guidance and support are invaluable, interfering too much can hinder personal development. He believes experiencing a range of emotions is vital for growth and the euphoria of positive experiences.

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Podcast with Adam Renouf, Managing Director and Senior Financial Advisor, Renouf and Partners

Educator – Speaker – Coach – Mentor – Author - Parent.......and a ripping bloke to match. A chat with Andy McNeilly, about many things, trying to unravel the world we live in. Cashless Kids and communication are probably the main takeaways. But, have a listen, you will come away feeling better about yourself, Andy is a ripper! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

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Podcast with Dale Sidebottom, Founder of Energetic Education

Dale has been referred to as the energiser bunny of the teaching world. He is also the owner of Fitness Games Zone and Bottoms Up Fitness, where he has changed the way fitness is conducted in school settings around the world. Breakappz is also another of Dales's businesses where he has created over 35 mobile applications for teachers. Dale’s latest project is Learning with Games. This platform provides game mechanics in the classroom to get buy-in and excitement from students and can be applied to any subject being taught.

Andy McNeilly is an educator, speaker, coach, author and most importantly a husband and father. He has worked in education for nearly twenty years, including primary school children and adult education. Andy focus’s on wellbeing, and social and emotional learning for children and adults.

Connecting with your Kids is his first book, written for parents. Andy is currently writing Connecting with your Teens, In the future, he is planning to write books for educators, and also for organisations about building connected relationships.

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Podcast with Cher Kretz, Parenting with the Focused Mindset

Have you noticed that your kids face fears, self-doubt, and worry just like you do? That’s why I dedicated my career to helping kids overcome challenges. But I don’t stop there. YOU are the one who has the greatest impact on the life of your child. So I am here to help you understand your child and to feel equipped to parent with confidence.  You are not alone in your journey to raise confident kids and have a happy family. Whether it is through listening to my podcast, getting my learning guides, or with solution-focused coaching, I am with you every step of the way.

"Andy McNeilly, author of Connecting with your Kids, shares practical solution-focused advice on how to keep families close. He teaches his strategies to parents and educators in Australia where he lives and now brings his knowledge to you." Cher Kretz

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Podcast with Rich Bolus, The Dad Mindset

After nearly a decade of having kids, it finally dawned on me that I wasn’t levelling up nearly as much (or as quickly) as I thought I would in the ‘dad stakes’. Highly aware that I’m only going to get one shot at this thing—so I’d better do it well—I’m now on a mission to deconstruct the habits, hacks, and insights of those that have figured out parts of the great puzzle of being a dad.

"This episode I chat with Parent, Educator and Author, Andy McNeilly. Andy has been running parenting workshops for years and has recently released a book called ‘Connecting With Your Kids’ which brings together loads of simple and practical ideas to help raise your children. Andy and I discuss the main things that he finds parents are struggling with the most: Managing devices at home, anxiety, and how to build resilience in your kids." Rich Bolus.

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